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Coggins Test Results: Global Vet Link

The following is an instruction sheet on obtaining your horse's Global Vet Link Coggins Certificate. Please call the office with any questions or concerns (860) 859-1649.

1.) http://www.globalvetlink.com/
2.) Click on sign up, then Animal Owner Account
3.) Type in the email address you gave our office when requesting a Coggins test for your horse
4.) They will email you a temporary password and link
5.) Follow the link
6.) Type in the temporary password
7.) Create your account and new password
8.) Click on Certificates at the left side of the screen
9.) Choose "view certificates"
10.) Select the horse and print their certificate

* Horse owners will need to provide Salem Valley Vet Clinic with a current/valid email address in order for Global Vet Link to release Coggins certificates to any person other than clinic staff

* Horse owners will need internet access and a color printer to print their horses Coggins certificates

* Please note that changes to the Coggins certificate after it has been posted are prohibited and if changes need to be made, a re-draw and re-submit is necessary.