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Previously, Salem Valley Vet had been recommending using a rotational deworming protocol and for some cases, daily dewormer. These recommendations are changing due to parasite resistance to some anthelmintics across the US. We encourage fecal testing to determine which horses are shedding parasites and how often it is necessary to use dewormer. In efforts to preserve effective anthelmintics for future use, the veterinarians at Salem Valley Vet Clinic have advocated a plan for yearly parasite management. The deworming schedule below is a general outline for timing of fecal examinations and frequency of deworming. This schedule is subject to modification depending on your individual horse's environmental conditions and parasite load.

To check for parasite resistance, have a fecal examination done 2-4 weeks after deworming. The result of this test should be negative if the dewormer is effective. If a positive result occurs, the horse may be infected with parasites that are resistant to the dewormer being used. Please do not hesitate to call the office 860-859-1649 to speak with an equine technician about deworming protocols. To have a fecal examination performed, ask for a sample to be taken at a regularly scheduled appointment or drop a sample off at the office in Salem in a closed bag or container with the horse's name and the owner's first and last name.


Fecal Testing for Parasites and Ova